NFT Minter

The No-Code Solution to Launch Your NFT Collection.

KoalaMint takes care of the entire process to launch your NFT collection without technical knowledge required.

Thank You NFT Smart Contract Assets and Metadata to IPFS Mint Button Minting Page Premint Presale NFT Delayed Revealing

NFT Smart Contract Simplified

Our platform takes care of the nft smart contract for your collection. Own the contract of your NFT collection.

Multiple Integrations

From adding a mint button, using our hosted minting page, or sharing a private mint link. Multiple options to mint your NFTs.

Lazy Minting your NFTs

KoalaMint implements lazy minting so you can defer the minting cost until the moment it's sold to its first buyer.

Launch an NFT collection without code

Focus on your art and leave the technical stuff to KoalaMint. From creating your nft smart contract to lazy minting, and revealing your NFTs at a later date, our NFT collection generator has your back.

Generate Scarcity Effect

Let your customers randomly mint your NFTs. Sold out your collection by delivering randomized NFTs.

nft collection generator

NFT Smart Contract a Click Away

Deploy your own smart contract directly from KoalaMint. No technical knowledge required.

NFT Minting Website

No need to redirect your customers to third-party marketplaces. Create and launch your collection directly on your website by copy-pasting a single HTML line.

Avoid Gas Costs to Mint your NFTs

KoalaMint implements lazy minting for your NFTs. You'll be transferring the minting gas cost to your customers.

Increase your Profits

Forget about partnering with developers to launch your generative NFT collection.

Go Live in Minutes

Simple and pretty straightforward process to publish your NFT collection following a few simple steps. No coding required.

How it works

Launch your NFT collection today. The entire setup process of our NFT collection generator won't take more than two minutes.

What's inside

One-of-a-kind solution to create, launch, and lazy mint your NFT collection.

NFT Smart Contract

Deploy your own ERC-721 contract to use with your NFT collection. No technical knowledge required.

Premint Access List

Build a healthy access list from the ground up. Use our Premint page to collect data and create a priority access list for your collection. Learn more →

Mint Button

Add a mint button on your website in a matter of seconds by embedding a single line of HTML code.

Minting Page

Don't have a website to integrate the mint button? No problem, you'll have a personalized mint page to use and share with your customers. Learn more →

Multi Phase Sales

Run a pre-sale of your NFTs with the presale feature. Also, you'll be able to assign a special discount for selected addresses.

Minting Rules

Limit the amount of NFTs single customers can mint per wallet address or transaction.

Delayed NFT Revealing

Keep the secret until the last moment. Reveal the final NFTs at a later date. Learn more →

MetaMask Integration

All NFTs sales will be processed through your smart contract and the funds will be wired instantly to your MetaMask wallet.

Free Mint

All collections are welcome! Our platform will work for free mint releases.

KoalaMint is compatible with the main networks of the NFT ecosystem

They launched with KoalaMint

Their words, not ours. Learn how we are helping these independent artists get the most out of the NFT world.

"Koalamint was the way to go for me the launch my generative collection because of a few reasons: First - it is relatively affordable. Secondly, it includes ipfs, mint button, whitelisting feature, fast and easy uploading, and a very clear FAQ for each step. Also, the Koala support team was fast and responsive which is more than great!"

PURE Free NFT Collection


PURE By Hartman

"There is no better all-in-one service than KoalaMint for launching an NFT collection. Their service includes everything you could want, including features that other services price astronomically high such as whitelisting features and a premint page. The process of creating metadata is a breeze or even dare I say it: fun?! Thank you to KoalaMint for making my first collection a success!"

Catbots V1.0

Anthony Cubba

Catbots V1.0

"I spent weeks looking for the best launchpad for my NFT collection, then I found KoalaMint! The Koala Team have been incredible in helping understand the process, navigating their platform, and assisting with launching my collection. Whilst trying to juggle artwork creation & contract woes, their tech support has been flawless & took all the stress out of the launch. The metadata & upload process was much easier than other platforms I've used previously, all with low platform-fees too! I'll definitely be paying the Koala a visit for my next collection!"

Callum Whiteley

The Woims

"Koala Mint helped us exponentially. Not only did they make the coding and deployment of our smart contract as simple as can be, they also went above and beyond with their customer service to resolve any issue or confusion that may have arised during this process. We will definitely be using them for all our future projects and would also recommend them to our friends and family."


Open and decentralized

Our platform implements and adhered to the following standards

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Add our mint button

Our mint button is a simple HTML code, it will work on pretty every website and CMS available.

The Koalas on board


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Creator of Crypto Sushis and Generative Miners NFT collections.


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